¿What is e-oncología?


e-oncología is an initiative of the Catalan Institute of Oncology which was set up in 2004 as an International Network of Oncology Centres thanks to a European Union Alfa Grant to boost networking and the exchange of education with Latin America.

Since 2005, over 5,000 professionals from Spain and Latin America have received training on the e-oncología campus, which has a network of almost 200 lecturers and tutors and over 1000 hours of educational content (36 courses).

It has alliances in a range of related areas:


Universities: Universidad de Barcelona, UNED.


International organizations and institutions: UICC, IARC, IAEA


Science Societies: SEOM, SEOR, FIGO, SEGO, AEPCC, SEOP.


  • More than 6,000 participants in 12 months
  • Students in more than 50 countries
  • 32 International Tutors in Europe, Latin America and Africa
  • Special editions in Colombia, Mexico, Morocco, Ghana, Zambia, Uganda and Tanzania
  • Available in 4 languages​​: English, Spanish, French and Russian. Coming in Japanese..
Added value

Based on excellence and innovation.

Scientific Excellence:
Using the experience and knowledge of the ICO:

·         Three leading hospitals in cancer research and treatment in Spain.

·         Network of specialists who lead international opinion.

·         Network of international education and research centres with emphasis on Spain and Latin America.

Scientific experience and objectivity of information. e-oncología is driven and supported by collaborative networks between health institutions in Spain and Latin America.

Educational excellence:
Through close collaboration with the knowledge and experience of professionals from the Universidad de Barcelona (UB) and the Universidad Oberta de Catalunya (UOC, Open University of Catalonia), e-oncología development enables:

a pedagogical and technological model of the environment.
Smooth coordination of academic management, dynamism, management and product development.
A product based on experience in online education and communication.

e-oncología offers an environment with elements which are interconnected in such a way that they make up an integrated system where professionals interact and perform an educational process with the students.

The product and service offer is adapted and personalised for each student profile according to their needs and how they use it.

The platform implements the fundamental services of an online community for training and education in the professional and university field. It uses a WEB intranet platform which can be accessed remotely (PSTN, ISDN, cable, Internet, etc.) and incorporates the applications needed for delivering and managing both classroom-based and distance learning programmes into a common user interface.

The platform's fundamental advantages include:

·         Easy dissemination of open and flexible education courses.

·         Unrestricted access to education in terms of space and time.

·         Creation and delivery of customised education programmes.

·         Smooth running and monitoring of distance learning.

·         Student participation and motivation on the courses and activities offered.

e-oncología places students at the centre of the process and activates their participation in the setting as a key factor for generating motivation and commitment.

This pedagogical model, based on the reference models of online universities, is innovative not just because of the quality of its learning processes, making it easier for health professionals to access education throughout their working life, but also because it responds to professionals' objectives, making daily activity and personal circumstances compatible with learning interests.

This model uses information and communication technologies intensively and is based on an online communication and relation environment, the e-oncología Virtual campus, which is the main space where professionals learn and receive help and which gives them, as well as the tutors, easy access to all university resources.
The way in which it passes on knowledge to improve work is both direct and immediate, which in turn translates into continued motivation and an incentive for the students' education.

e-oncología has given specialists and experts from the health and educational world the position of allies and not just users of this community. To achieve this, it has an advisory teaching committee made up of health professionals connected with cancer (ICO, SEOM, Public Administrations) and connected with teaching both in Spain and Latin America.

This alliance model enables:

·         Development of educational resources - The alliances with specialist doctors who bring their own products or create products for e-oncología will be a major differentiating asset.

·         Development of information resources - This will be carried out by means of alliances with outsourcees in this market who have a recognised added value. e-oncología will be an open space giving access to these services.

·         Authoring: Created by specialist doctors of recognised standing, both in Spain and in Latin America.

·         Tutoring and Dynamism - Specialist doctors fill the positions of tutors and make the environment more dynamic. Alliances of this type are set up for every specific event or for set periods of time.

·         Administration and continued improvement - This is carried out using its own resources which are backed up by the contributions made by specialist doctors who are collaborating with e-oncología on product development, tutor sessions and dynamic initiatives.

Who are we for?
What do we offer?

Oncologists (qualified and/or in training), other cancer specialists, basic researchers, family GPs, nurses, clinical pharmacists, pharmaceutical industry, health managers. 


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Initiatives and spaces for education and learning

  • Educational courses and modules
  • Short and long-term programmes
  • Specific programmes
  • Mentored learning
  • Self-learning

Initiatives and spaces for communicating, participating and exchanging

  • Participaroty forums between professionals
  • Forums with experts
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